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Tuning Performance Motorcycle Engines class

Saturday August 25, 2018 from 10:30am-1:30pm

Cost: Complimentary (free) of Karl & The Vintage Monkey

Lecture will be taught by the legendary Karl Engellenner


Karl Engellenner’s brief background:

Motorcycle Machinist/Mechanic and Race Engine builder

Active in AHRMA racing with Aermacci

Extensive experience in combustion engine dynamics and testing

Flow bench and porting experience building the highers HP per Liter engines in motorcycling

Master engine builder and tuner

A god amongst men in motorcycle performance


Doors open at 10am and Seats are first come first serve.

Beverages will be available for purchase at the bar (coffee, sodas, beers, cider)

Location: 400 N16th Street Sacramento, CA 95811

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