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Yes, We Are Moving

Yes, we are moving.

Everything in this huge building is old, historic, or weighs hundreds of pounds. This is a long process that takes MANY weeks, with different types of large equipment and packing/moving methods. It is labor intensive, and it’s been over 100 degrees with no air conditioning….

I want to clarify a few things about this move:

#1 We are staying in Sacramento, CA

#2 When we are completed, we will announce it, and the future location. Fingers crossed it will be completed by end of summer 2021.

#3 Yes, we are taking the bar with us. Those who have visited our location know what I’m referring to.

#4 Send us good vibes and please, please be patient with us.

#5 Updates, future events, tech classes, and motorcycles will be announced in our upcoming newsletters. SIGN UP on our homepage

Thank you for your support!


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