They said, “No one wants to see a motorcycle show hosted by a woman”….

No stranger to television, Shasta tells us for years they said, “No one wants to see a motorcycle show hosted by a woman”…. I said, “They need to shut up!” "I’m proud to be a 22 year veteran rider, and proud of my contributions to the biggest subculture in the world. If wearing lipstick is wrong, then I don’t want to be right." Motorcycle Mondays is currently in production and will be hosted by your resident redhead, Shasta Smith. A new talk show about “motorcycles, mechanics, and ways to improve your mundane life”. Bringing it back to basics with a few good laughs, wicked sharp wit, and great guests…. In other words, making your Mondays more bearable. Even better, Motorcycle Mondays wi

Resident Red Head

Putting a different spin on your typical design magazine, Shasta Smith graces the cover of the Fall 2015 architectural issue of “Lavish”. A phone call was made asking if Shasta would like to represent the color red for the magazines color issue, so she packed up her black leather and an iron steed to make the shoot complete. Included is a two page spread that showcases Shasta’s red 1970 Triumph Trophy 250.

He Found Himself Newly Divorced, So He Bought A Motorcycle

I recently sat down for drinks with, and rode in this years Distinguished Gentelman's Ride with avid motorcyclist Sean Capovilla (shown in the red carpet photo) . During our conversation he mentioned a few things that many of us can relate to, so I wanted to share his "Moto Therapy" story. When I first met Sean I won’t lie, I first noticed his 6’4” frame and amazing custom black motorcycle jacket. What can I say? I’m human! He immediately started talking motorcycles, and being the person I am, I didn’t stop him. Here is his story: Sean Capovilla, age 51, living in Northern California, USA When did I start riding? I was about 13/14 years old. I had ridden on the backs of motorcycles. M

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