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“If you censor the designer, your project won't speak volumes” 

                                                                                   ~ Shasta Smith




The famed Vintage Monkey is Shasta Smith’s "office".  Open to the public and located in downtown Sacramento, California, it's known for the eclectic interior and classic motorcycles.  You'll be greeted at the door with a 30-foot round circle bar to sit and socialize at, a stunning  venue, and a multi-motorcycle exhibit featuring a rotating selection of vintage classic bikes.

Not to mention an amazing vintage motorcycle restoration shop to keep you running and on the road.  Every guest and client experiences expert service, pride of preservation, and true friendliness in this world class location.  Smith’s Vintage Monkey has been publicized all over the world in both print and TV.... and on any given day you'll meet ole' Willie, the grey faced rescued shop dog.  

It's truly 6500 Sq. Ft. of inspiration.   




We all find interest in different things, Shasta's happens to be avant-garde design and classic motorcycles. She has a twenty-year history in architecture, design, and hands-on construction.  If you are a TV watcher you will have seen her hosting the international TV show Red Hot Design and she produces a YouTube original series called Motorcycle Mondays. Shasta is a 26-year veteran rider, and it shows.  Her work has been featured worldwide and is pure passion-driven. Among the many projects she works on,  Shasta also designs vintage motorcycles for charity, non-profits, is one of the Global Ambassadors for Distinguished Gentleman's Ride...AND has a love of rescuing senior dogs.  Her love of motorcycles and destination location has provided customers a piece of the largest subculture in the world.  We welcome you.

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