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The Vintage Monkey is an internationally recognized destination location situated in a fantastic historic brick factory building. Rent the most unique venue in Sacramento for your next private event, reunion, reception, executive gathering, wedding, or party!

Intimate enough for small groups, yet spacious enough for a grand event!

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 1.  Private Events, Parties, Weddings, Executive Gathering, Receptions, Day or Evening Rentals:

     $495 per-hour Monday-Saturday  *4-hour minimum charge 

 2.  Small group seated business meetings, lectures, focus groups, and presentations:

      Available Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 6am-3pm for 35 or fewer attendees.

      Click to read : Rental conditions

 3.  Consecutive Multi-Day Rental: Please contact us to discuss flat rate, multi-day, and 24-hour rentals

 4.  TV, Movie, Motion Picture Filming, Photoshoots:

      Due to different types of insurances, liability and circumstances, please contact us




  • A 5000 square foot interior that is famously decorated and curated with vintage artifacts and pop-culture pieces from around the world

  • 2000 square feet of clear space for your own personal set up, rental items, or dance floor

  • A million-dollar exhibit of classic and historic motorcycles that make an amazing back drop and conversation pieces.

  • Full size roll-up door to bring in oversized items into the building

  • A 30 foot round custom circular seating and gathering area.

  • We provide you with counter space and 45 seating stools.

  • We provide you with a 30-foot-long buffet counter.

  • Vintage Monkey includes a doorman/door-host during the duration of your stay to greet your guests, open the door, and walk your guests to their cars as needed.

  • Dimmable chandeliers and lighting

  • Vintage Monkey bartending options

  • Two speakers for ambient music.

  • Ceilings are fully insulated for great sound quality

  • A Vintage Monkey event manager is on site during the duration of your stay for coordination assistance

  • We provide you with trash cans and trash bags during your stay and full trash disposal after your event

  • We never double book a day, you can enjoy the venue for as long as you like during your reserved day!

  • Free street parking with the option to rent a gated parking lot





Q: What areas are available for rent? The main gallery/exhibit area which is about 5000 total sq. feet (not all sq. footage is usable due to permanent fixtures in the building). The motorcycle service and restoration shop is strictly off limits. We will do minor alterations to the showroom exhibit to accommodate your event, inquire with Shasta Smith.


Q: Do I need to make an appointment for a tour of the venue and ask questions? Yes. We are happy to give you a tour.  An appointment is required by contacting Shasta at:


Q: Can I place a date on hold?  Due to the volume of rental requests, we are not holding dates without a non-refundable deposit.


Q: Do you require renters to select from a "preferred vendors list"?  We do Not have a preferred list, however we are happy to give you referrals if needed

Q:  Do you have tables, chairs or A/V equipment?  We have seating and counter space for 45 people, a 30' long buffet counter, and lounge seating that are included with your rental.  Additional tables and chairs will need to be brought in by the renter to best suit your event.  We can refer you to local furniture rental companies as needed.


Q:  Who provides food service? You may bring in a qualified food caterer of your choice.  We are happy to refer you to great food caterers if needed.

Q:  Who provides drink service?  Vintage Monkey provides all in-house drinks, bartending and set up.

Q:  Can you provide additional staffing during my event for bussing tables, cleaning, set up, or bartending?  Yes, here are our staffing rates:  VM Staffing


Q: How many can I seat for dinner in your building?  Our building can seat up to 135 guests at one time.

Q: Do you give discounts to non-profits?  The Vintage Monkey exhibit and museum is a part of historic preservation efforts.  Although we are not a discount facility, our goal is that our venue provides you and your guests the inspiration to have an amazing fundraising experience. 


Q:  When can I start my event? All arrangements can be made assuming it does not overlap another person’s event.


Q:  What is the duration of a large event/day rental? All arrangements can be made assuming it does not overlap another person’s event


Q:  When can I or my vendors begin to set-up/load-in for my large event/day rental? All arrangements can be made.


Q:  When do I or my vendors have to load-out? Load-out must be completed the day of the event. We have no storage space at this location and anything left behind will result in a second day facility rental charge and will impede on the following days event.


Q:  Does The Vintage Monkey require liability insurance? Yes. A standard one day $2,000,000 certificate of liability insurance including bodily injury and property damage listing The Vintage Monkey as additionally insured is required.   Motion Picture filming may require more, please inquire.  This has been known to cost the renter $150 (on average).  You can get a quick quote at:


Q:  Is parking available? There is city street parking.  Parking is free and is first come-first serve.  There is a gated parking lot just steps from our front door that is for rent by the owner of the lot which holds approx. 30-40 cars.


Q:  Can we reserve a wedding rehearsal? Yes, for those renting our facility. The rehearsal must be scheduled in advance so not to overlap another event or public day to day operations and is the same hourly fee as your event.


Q: How do I submit an inquiry to rent the facility? Send an email to Shasta Smith with details about your event or call 916-871-2892


Q: What do we have to clean? Clean-up of decorations, belongings, and  garbage is the responsibility of the renter.  The room needs to be returned to the same condition that it was prior to the event.   ALL your items must leave with you after your event is over.

Q: Do you rent your location on holidays?  Yes!   There is venue buy out fee + $495 per hour for holiday and holiday eve rentals. 



  • Some large events may require a security guard, you can inquire about this rate/fee with Sacramento Safeguard Patrol 916-484-4040 or security of your choice.

  • There is a $650 facility reservation fee and security deposit for all private party rentals.  This is due the day you reserve your event date with us.

  • For those renting consecutive 24 hour days: A deposit of 50% is due to reserve your dates and paid in full day 14 days before your arrival. 

  • All final fees and charges are due the day of your event. No exceptions. By check or cash. Use of Credit Cards will be charged a 6% fee.

  • Due to the value of the interior building content, there will be Vintage Monkey host on site during the duration of your stay.

  • Temperature & Climate Control Disclaimer: The Vintage Monkey is a historic brick industrial building, summers can be warm, and winters can be cool

  • The Vintage Monkey has 24 hour indoor & outdoor security cameras

  • Private party rental costs are calculated from the time you request us to unlock the doors till the moment the last person exits the building after clean up, this includes the vendors your hire.