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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT VINTAGE MONKEY                                                          

Any vehicle brought to us for service or restoration WILL be fixed correctly without reservation.  

Worn out carburetors = will be replaced.  Worn clutch plates = will be replaced.  Leaky engine = will be rebuilt.  

Sticky brakes = will be rebuilt. Dry rotted tires = will be replaced. Tampered wiring harness = will be replaced or repaired. If your budget is an issue, any optional or cosmetic work will be curtailed so proper mechanical servicing can be performed.  We won't create pretty bikes that won't run properly because your budget or time frame won't allow us to do proper mechanical repairs.

Put simply: If your budget or time frame prevents us from correctly fixing your bike, we won't accept the project.  




VALUE IN CHOOSING VINTAGE MONKEY                                                    

When it comes to repairing or maintaining your vehicles, it really pays to look at more than just price or how fast a job can be completed.  

Customers who value their time, money & vehicle know our expertise, attention to detail, and professionalism make us worth the money & time. Make your service & maintenance experience Worry-Free by choosing a shop that actually cares about you as a customer & cares whether the job is done correctly - the first time.  

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