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Thursday July 12th from 6pm-8:30pm is "Classic Motorcycle Ownership" Class!

This is a 2 ½ hour class. 30 minutes devoted to checking in, food, drinks, and getting your seat. 2 hours devoted to class lecture, and question/answer. The number one question we are faced with is; “I want a classic motorcycle , but I don’t know what to get?.? Although we aren’t going to tell you “what to get”, we will have an in-depth conversation about what we experience in our industry when it comes to motorcycles that are easier to maintain Vs. motorcycles that are more challenging to maintain. We will talk about levels of investment one may or may not what to make when acquiring a classic motorcycle. Including but not limited to, rare motorcycles, and common motorcycles. The service requirements of particular motorcycles. Options to keep in mind if you want to travel distance vs. just a trip to your local coffee shop. We will cover basic history of classic motorcycles and what to keep in mind if you decide to start collecting. There is no doubt classic motorcycles are fun, frustrating and create great ways to socialize, however we will cover industry experiences (both good and bad) and have you walking away with valuable information to continue your quest in finding the right classic for you! Sign up at: CLASSES


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