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Ewan McGregor and the Long Way Down

Isn’t it amazing what one down to earth (and incredibly handsome) celebrity can do?

Did you know that since The Long Way Round and The Long Way Down were televised and debuted on Netflix & Hulu just a few years ago, registrations for adventure motorcycles has doubled? DOUBLED!

I think we have more than just Ewan’s beauty to thank for the rise of riders. Long Way Round follows Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman’s motorcycle journey ‘round’ the world. The documentary follows the explorers through both trials and adventure from London to New York City, travelling eastwards through Europe and Asia, flying to Alaska, and continued by road from there to New York. Long Way Down follows the hilarious duo south from Scotland through 18 countries all the way down to Cape Town, South Africa, via Europe and Africa.

The stunning landscapes and incredible spontaneity of these 2 men is inspiring to say the least. We at The Vintage Monkey would encourage all of our readers to watch this exciting documentary of moto-adventures!

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