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So you want to start a buiness OR you currently have one...

An evening lecture on business, techniques, and experiences with Shasta Smith


 7pm–9pm (Doors open for drinks/socializing at 6:30pm)  This class is $65 which includes your seat reservation and open bar.


  • Brief background: Shasta Smith is the business owner of Vintage Monkey, located in downtown Sacramento, CA. It serves as both vintage motorcycle restoration shop with a 2-year waiting list, and a stunning event venue surrounded by a historic exhibit. Shasta has spent time in the TV world with a now syndicated international TV show and has an award-winning background in interior architecture. Now in business for 21 years, Shasta will be an open book to business successes and failures through her eyes.  Keep an eye out, Shasta has recently been featured in the Wall Street Journal!


  • This class/lecture will be open to all people interested in opening a business or who currently has a business. Seating is by reservation and limited. 


Focus topics will be (but are not limited to):

  • Licensing, permits, insurances and liabilities
  • Do I lease a location or work from home
  • Understanding leases and your responsibilities
  • How to be creative and properly run a business
  • How to do it on your own!
  • Are business plans necessary?
  • Pressures our friends and community put on us in business
  • Public relations and media interaction
  • The pros and cons of social media
  • Contracts; the good and the ugly
  • Working with government agencies
  • Trademarks and Copyright
  • Ways to work with an attorney
  • Best practices for dealing with conflict and resolution
  • Employees and/or no employees
  • Websites, graphic design and its influence on your potential customers
  • Working with what you have
  • To borrow money or Not to borrow money, what are your options
  • Do I need and investor?
  • Are you doing it for money or are you doing it out of passion
  • Yelp, Google, Bing…and everything in between
  • If you are open to it, Shasta will professionally critique concepts you bring in to share.
  • Q&A: The purpose of this is for YOU to gain information for your own success.



Located at: Vintage Monkey 

916-668-7114  email:

An evening workshop on business, protocols, and experiences with Shasta Smith

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