We appreciate you!


Current TV interview airing on PBS discussing how 2020 has effected our business​.  Our interview is first in this video link.


Vintage Monkey 

This has been an emotional page to assemble. I wanted to note some facts about Vintage Monkey so there is comfort in making a donation during the most challenging and emotional time we've experienced in our small business's existence.


  • We were NOT one of the fortunate "small businesses" to receive a government stimulus OR emergency funds

  • Contrary to what is mentioned in the media, there have been absolutely NO moratoriums available that don't come with devastating consequences. 

  • I am a sole proprietor with No investment partners

  • If you have been to our location, you know the meticulous care we put into every part of the space, historic preservation, our work ethic, and the high level of appreciation we have for our guests and customers. 

  • I want you to know that your donation will be used to help maintain all that we have worked so hard for. 

  • If you have questions, please call direct anytime and ask for Shasta 916-668-7114 

I thank you greatly!