We're often asked: How much it will cost to rebuild an engine?  

  • We don't have a set price as every engine is different.   

  • Turnaround time will be discussed after the inspection

  • Vapor honing available upon request

  • We don't work on race bikes or do performance work (ONLY stock vehicles)

  • We don't sell engines

  • If there are other mechanical problems with the vehicle, they will be repaired prior to test riding.

  • Stock Carburetors will be rebuilt along with the engine.

  • 2-stroke projects will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.  If accepted, they will require cylinder boring, new piston(s) & new rings.  

  • 2-strokes used for highway use (over 45 mph) will NOT be accepted.

  • All projects are subject to review and may not be accepted.


Want us to rebuild your engine?

When you're ready to proceed, contact us via email with detailed answers to the following questions:


  • Your full name, address, daytime phone number & email address

  • Year, make & model of the vehicle

  • Is the bike 100% stock with no modifications?

  • Why do you feel the engine needs to be rebuilt?

  • What is your budget for this rebuild?

  • When & who worked on this bike previously?  

  • Who will be servicing the bike after the rebuild?

  • What issues/damage/missing parts does the engine or bike have?

  • Are you wanting top end, bottom end or a complete engine rebuild?  

  • Does the engine have broken bolts or fins?

  • Are the carburetor(s) stock?

  • Will you be providing any new parts?

  • Will the engine need crankshaft balancing?  

  • Want cosmetic work like polishing, media blasting, painting or stainless steel bolts?


Are you unsure your engine needs rebuilding?

  • A proper diagnostic appointment is needed to determine your engines health

  • 2 hours of hands-on engine specific diagnostic testing  

  • Written estimate explaining your engines condition and recommendations