Shop the Vintage Monkey Women’s Summer Line Before it’s Gone!

Ladies, it’s time to snag these summertime shirts before we launch our Fall line soon! We are so excited to bring your our summer line in the Vintage Monkey Shop. Over the years, we have perfected the moto style for both women and men, and now kids! When designing the women’s line in our shop, we had several criteria. First, it had to be something I would wear myself. Second, it had to be priced well. Keeping this in mind, my team and I worked hard to design the perfect clothing and accessories for our edgy style. Here is just a sampling of the items we have in our new Vintage Monkey shop! And, don’t worry guys and kids; we have stuff for you, too! Just go here. Whether buying for you

Our Next Big Project for Sky’s the Limit Fund

We are very excited to announce our next charity bike project! Thanks to the amazing generosity of one Vintage Monkey fan, we will be rebuilding and customizing a vintage motorcycle for . This fan (pictured) was moved to donate his 1973 Honda CB750 to The Vintage Monkey following our last charity bike for Sky’s the Limit Fund. The donation of a 1975 CB550 brought in $11,000 build at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California for this great cause! Sky’s the Limit Fund is a non-profit organization that transforms the lives of at-risk youth by providing grants, support, and hope, through wilderness therapy programs and beyond. Please check out to learn more about their ca

The Vintage Monkey raises $11,000 for Sky’s the Limit Fund!

We are so proud and honored to announce that last month Shasta donated her 1975 Honda CB550 Super Sport Café Conversion. After months of hard work, it was auctioned off at Levi Stadium and pulled in $11,000 for Sky's The Limit Fund. Take a look through some of our photos from this fun build and amazing event: Representing my red before my vintage CB550 super sport goes up for live auction this June at Levi Stadium to benefit Sky's the Limit Fund: "Excited to say that my 1975 CB550 build brought in $11,000 for the benefit auction at Levi Stadium. A great cause. Thank you to all that have shown support throughout the process." - Shasta Smith Check out the great video from Good Morning Sacram

Ewan McGregor and the Long Way Down

Isn’t it amazing what one down to earth (and incredibly handsome) celebrity can do? Did you know that since The Long Way Round and The Long Way Down were televised and debuted on Netflix & Hulu just a few years ago, registrations for adventure motorcycles has doubled? DOUBLED! I think we have more than just Ewan’s beauty to thank for the rise of riders. Long Way Round follows Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman’s motorcycle journey ‘round’ the world. The documentary follows the explorers through both trials and adventure from London to New York City, travelling eastwards through Europe and Asia, flying to Alaska, and continued by road from there to New York. Long Way Down follows the hilari

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